Juggling Act

The most successful people know that life is always a juggling act. Sometimes in life, we have to juggle two of our passions, or two of our responsibilities, in order to make things work. But how do you do the best you can do in both arenas without burning out? The reality is – you just can’t.

For me, the balancing act concerns two jobs, which happen to both be passions. For you, it may be balancing work and home life. For someone else, it may be balancing girlfriends or how much McDonalds they can eat while working out. Sometimes, you can sustain the balance. Most of the time though, you will eventually have to sacrifice something to make it work.

When this happens to you, as it has happened to me, perhaps the best thing to do is take a moment and figure out what you want. Lay out what is most important to you, and list what is preventing you from getting there. Physically write it down or type it. Seeing it will help you better organize your thoughts, unless you’re a whacko auditory learning. If that’s the case, I don’t know what to do for you šŸ˜‰

Once you know what you want, plan on how to get there. Maybe you need to save money to make a change, maybe you need to get more education, maybe both. Maybe you need to get help at home so you can manage work and time with your family with less stress. Maybe you need to just pick a girlfriend already, dude. Make a plan, a feasible plan, and take the first step.

Finally, be prepared for stress. Nobody ever managed to successfully juggle multiple projects without a little stress. Being prepared for the days when you want to rip your hair out will help you deal with. If you’re expecting easy money or smooth sailing or 16 girlfriends with no drama, you’re in for a rude awakening. Juggling takes practice, and nobody gets it right the first time.
Eventually, you will settle into a better, healthier routine or you will have simplified your life to the point where only the most important things remain. Whatever your specific journey looks like, you can make it work. Or at least I sure hope so, or I’m totally screwed.

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Latasha Doyle

Latasha Doyle

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