Who We Are

Steven Remington

Editor in Chief – Armed with sassy pants and red marker
Steven Remington is the author of The Shadow King sci-fi fiction series, and a sought-after word guru in his own right. A freelancer since 2014, Steven has contributed to web designs, web copies, numerous articles and promotions, as well as ghostwriting and editing for numerous clients. Steven lives in Bangor, Maine, just down the street from Stephen King, where he promises he doesn’t stalk the author. He has nine children, so you know he’s crazy, but in all the right ways.

Latasha Doyle

Associate Editor – aka Badass Word Ninja
Latasha Doyle is a fanatical writer, who has been a freelance contributor for blogs, websites, and e-books since 2014. She is passionate about a number of topics, and blogs frequently on her personal website. From a young age, Latasha loved to write and read, but always laughed when people told her she should be a writer. One day she woke up and realized she should write for a living, and she has been ever since. Aside from super powers of editing and content provision, she enjoys reading nonfiction and daydreaming about her next vacation. Latasha lives in a suburb of Denver, CO with her husband and six fur children.

Marie Davol

Content Ninja – Team Lead
From childhood, Marie Davol has been writing and reading obsessively. But since 2007, people have been more interested in her writing abilities, and she began to work as a writer in a number of capacities. She has worked for newspapers, publishing houses, both large and small, and has contributed to many textbooks. She specializes in a number of topics, and loves learning new things. Marie is a fast writer with a talent for the craft. When her nose isn’t stuck inside of a book or at a computer, she is chasing her two small children with her husband as they terrorize their neighbors in Ashland, Oregon.

Marion Chan Fernandez

Content Ninja – Team Lead
Marion Chan Fernandez comes from a family of bookworms, so it seemed a natural progression to translate her love of reading books to writing content. She loves stories that fuel the imagination and thinks it’s a power akin to magic to transport a reader to a whole new world. Apart from bringing life to words and content, she loves to create – learning something new every day. Having 7 years experience in the textile field until she got hooked to the world of writing, she loves to work with her hands, designing and traveling. Marion currently lives in beautiful British Columbia with her husband, where the amount of natural beauty that surrounds her inspires her to be creative each and every day.

Pattie Iannitti

Content Ninja
Pattie Iannitti is a full time freelance writer and copywriter. She was born and raised in Rhode Island and now lives in North Carolina. She is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University and worked in the healthcare industry for twelve years. She wrote her own blog, “Stolen Moments” for eight years. Her humorous and often times poignant stories about parenting and family life earned her a humble but loyal following. She is a travel enthusiast, humorist and cancer survivor. When she is not busy writing or pranking people, she is raising three spirited and fun-loving teenagers.

Britanie Leclair

Content Ninja
Britanie Leclair is a twenty-five-year-old freelancer hailing from the Great White North. During childhood she was obsessed with words and books. In fact, she taught herself to read with the help of Archie comics. She, too, followed the trend of her fellow co-workers and eventually turned to writing. After getting her Honors BA in psychology (and writing hundreds of academic essays in the process), Britanie finds professional writing a breeze. Very flexible with style, she is a jack of all trades writer but tends to find a well-researched piece of content work the most fulfilling to complete. In her spare time, this true-crime fanatic is usually at home spending time with her son (while simultaneously avoiding the frigid Canadian weather).

Laura Ashworth

Content Ninja
Laura is a free spirited individual at heart. She’s got a soul that’s meant for wandering and a hand that’s meant for writing. On more than one occasion, she’s been told she should be the lead role in an Indie film. In second grade, Laura was invited to the Writing Excel class in her school and she had the ability to put words to paper ever since. She currently lives in southern Maine and has a BA in Sociology/Criminology. Her true passions in life are traveling, writing, adventuring, and looking for opportunities for adrenaline rushes. When she isn’t in Bermuda or Thailand, you might find her hiking up some mountain or jumping out of an airplane. Her day gig is in the social services field. She secretly hopes to quit the 9 to 5 life and make a living by traveling the world and writing, but she would also settle for a role on Law and Order: SVU.

Brittany Bartlett

Content Ninja
Brittany Bartlett
Located in Southern Maine, Brittany Bartlett has been a writer for longer than she hasn’t. Although she started her adventures in writing with a book about three witches in the second grade, her official writing career didn’t begin until 2005. She has experience in web content writing, travel, hospitality and wedding blogs, magazines, technical writing, newsletters, and newspapers. She has BA degrees in Communications/Journalism and Sociology/Criminal Justice. Brittany enjoys spending copious amounts of time outdoors with the people she loves most, be it hitting tennis balls around with her parents, hiking with her siblings and cousins, or skiing with her friends and fiancé.

Natalia Davis

Content Ninja
Natalia is a college student and freelance writer currently residing in North Carolina, US. She is an animal lover and enjoys relaxing with her cat, two leopard geckos, and hamster. Her hobbies include online gaming and singing in her college’s chorus. Someday she hopes to earn a Master of the Arts in Higher Education and become an academic advisor. Until then, she works doing various freelance jobs.

Kathy Rush

Content Ninja
As most writers are, Kathy Rush is passionate about reading and the art of writing. She is an animal lover, and advocates for animal rights in her personal life as well as in her writing. Kathy lives in upstate New York, where she enjoys the insane amounts of snow. She lives with her husband and their eight furbabies. Her wicked sense of humor comes through in her writing as well as in her daily interactions. Kathy secretly leaps tall buildings in a single bound- she is a true ninja who just happens to write on the side.

Jerry Kirk

Content Ninja
Jerry is a painter, graphic designer, illustrator, and work-at-home dad who also has a passion for writing. He has a beautiful wife and wonderful, creative daughter. Prior to the birth of his daughter in 2002 he worked full-time in Advertising as an Art Director and Designer. He began his career as an Editorial Cartoonist and over the years his paintings have won numerous awards. He has always been an avid reader and writer. His writing has included articles for on-line publications, self-published children’s books, press releases for art galleries, web site content, and published poetry. His hobbies include spending time with his family, hiking in the mountains of North Carolina, the NFL, and, of course, reading.